I gave my TEDx talk on Thursday and had the best time! Not only did I love sharing, but also learning from so many inspirational people! Wow!! There is something about being in the energy of people who are so passionate about what they’re doing in the world and I’m so glad my son was there to experience it too. Here I am with the delightful organizer and Professor, Rahul Sharma 🙂



It’s funny because I could have said no to this when it came up. India is far, and my ego tried to talk me out of my decision. BUT then I realized it was the exact opportunity I had been asking for. To 1. Give a TEDx talk, 2. Travel around the world to speak, and 3. To bring my family to see other parts of the world, and learn how we might be able to help and contribute on a bigger level. We have to not only see the opportunity, but also be willing to say yes! Read on to learn how to spot an opportunity and to go for it!


When we use the law of attraction and other universal laws to create our hearts desires, we have to become good at spotting the opportunity.


The universe is always going to show us our next steps by way of opportunity or idea. What I see time and time again with entrepreneurs, is that they don’t recognize the opportunity when it arises. It’s their next step and they don’t see it, and therefore don’t say yes to it. They then start spinning their wheels and become stuck. In today’s article, I share how to spot the opportunity and what thinking needs to be present in order to see said opportunity.


We need to first address the thinking that has to accompany seeing the opportunity.The solution to what you are asking for lies on a different level then the problem. Therefore, you need to elevate your thinking and therefore the feelings and energy around it. You need to start affirming that the universe will show you the next step and that you are open to receiving it.


Receiving is the issue.


Most people unconsciously do not feel good enough deep down. They are therefore blocking the opportunity from coming to fruition. The subconscious mind is running the ship, and they can only see things around them that match their current level of thinking, aka what is happening in the subconscious mind.


So you also need to dig that out and look at what you really believe about yourself deep down. Most people don’t want to go there because it’s painful. BUT your dreams lie on the other side of this work. Once you address what is going on in there, you can work on creating new and empowered beliefs instead. Which lead to empowered results and lifestyle changes.


Start affirming what you want to believe about yourself and pair it with an experience that feels amazing that you have already experienced. It’s a quick way to link the state you want to feel about the new belief. It’s all about the feeling that goes with the thought.


Second, be aware of everything coming to you. It’s so simple sometimes, that people don’t realize it’s related. Train yourself to link everything showing-up and coming into your awareness as being gifts from the universe, because they are. This will help you to feel grateful for even the small things showing-up. This will lead to more to feel grateful for. A client the other day didn’t realize the person she happened to strike up a conversation in a store, was the exact person she had been asking to show-up. Start seeing it, because the universe is showing you the opportunity.


Third, the gifts from the universe show-up by way of an idea or opportunity. Let’s break this down. Idea means a thought will literally come to you. It comes into your awareness. Remember we are a feeling universe and are connected through consciousness. There is a little trick to this though. It’s those ideas that are quiet in our minds and are repetitive. Not loud and boisterous, which is the ego. It’s when we have that constant thought in the back of our minds. We will forget for awhile and then it will circle back, like we keep thinking about someone who we need to reach out to. That is your next step. It’s reaching out to that person. Become good at recognizing those thoughts and saying yes to them, but following through on the idea. Ideas can also be sparked through conversations with others or through visual signs. It’s those light bulb moments. Don’t allow the ego to talk you out of them, and follow through even if it involves putting yourself out there and is a little scary. This goes back to the thinking piece that also needs to be there in order to take action.


Opportunity comes through people. Some examples are; someone might invite you to an event, introduce you to someone, or straight-up give you the opportunity. Here is the key….




Your subconscious mind is going to try to talk you out of going and give you every excuse in the book to not go. Because doing new things doesn’t feel safe and it wants to keep you where it feels safe. You just need to retrain it to show it that these experiences are in fact safe and that it’s okay to be uncomfortable.


Keep saying yes! Go to that event or call that person anyway. You can do it. Yet again, this comes back to mindset. It will become less scary and you will find that as you keep saying yes, the universe will also support you in how you’re going to make that yes happen. Decision first, universe provides the how second.