Have you ever realized that we as women tend to give more then receive? I apologize in advance to any of the guys reading this, today’s topic is geared towards the ladies! I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a lot easier to lend a helping hand and do something nice for someone then it is to be on the receiving end. It’s hard sometimes to even accept a compliment or a thank-you. For example, if someone compliments an outfit of ours, we tend to brush it off saying “oh, this old thing”. This not only diminishes our spirit, but it does so for the person giving the compliment. Why do we have such a hard time letting other people love us and give us help when we need it? My first baby ended up being a C-section, and I was up walking around the room right after major surgery. Who does this? I found it hard to relax and be taken care of.

I am hoping these 3 tips will give you more of a balance with giving and receiving love. Remember, when you are trying to attract something into your life, receiving is just as important as giving. We need to be able to receive the gifts the universe has for us.

#1: Say Thank-You!
When someone does give you a compliment, simply say thank-you and smile! You can even add in there that you appreciate their compliment. Easy. You feel good and they feel good.

#2: Accept Help!
You don’t have to do everything for everyone! How could you use more help in your life? Who can you ask? If you are feeling like your husband doesn’t help you enough around the house, you likely aren’t asking for help and making it clear what your needs are.

#3: Let Others Love You!
People want to do nice things for you. Let them. Accept their generosity with love and kindness. You don’t have to be the General Manager of the universe. That’s up to the big guy upstairs. Take a load off, relax, and be loved!