Ahhh the holidays… filled with lots of joy, but also extra stress and sometimes navigating through hard relationships…

It’s okay don’t run for the hills, it can be more enjoyable ❤️

Here are a few tips to help this season:

🎄 Take extra time for yourself. My husband has been traveling a lot lately – normally I would be enjoying the couch to myself and fully enjoying my favourite shows in the evening 💃🏻 – but it meant extra to do’s for me amongst the extra to do’s that come with the holidays. I reminded myself at the beginning of this past week – I do not have to take the bait into this stress, do extra self-care. And so I went for a beach walk with a friend. And of course felt amazing after and was like what stress?! Ha. It’s been a constant reminder all week and will be for the rest of December, but this is about taking care of our mental health and is a necessity not a luxury.

🎄 Continue to take time for yourself when you are visiting family or hosting family for the holidays. Carve out some time…a walk-in nature will do wonders. Even if you have the best relationships with family, it’s still important to get in that time for just you.

🎄 Notice your own triggers. It can be hard when we’ve done a bunch pf personal development work and have grown, and then go back and are around people that are used to the “old” version of us. Sarcasm, poking fun, old patterns and identities, and in some cases down right aggressiveness can be apparent. So how do we deal with that? I’ve found the more you don’t care the more it doesn’t show-up! Like anything right?! Like when you’re not afraid to charge what you’re worth, prospects stop challenging you on money. The more personal development work we do – where we can see our own triggers and where our reactions are coming from – the better. It’s likely some old wound resurfacing. When we truly step into accepting ourselves and others, we can allow more love in. And have a lovely time as a result. But still practice self-care and give yourself a break too 😉 This helps us stay grounded and seeing clearly.

I hope these tips help you look forward to a self-cared for holiday!

Much Love,

~ Chris xox

P.S. We’re on a break from the pod, but will be back soon with more guests and inspiring content 💕 Definitely tune in if you’re not caught-up – lots of goodness for sure 🙂