Have you ever felt really alone in your business? Like really, truly alone? You know those times where you cruise around Facebook because you long for some type of connection with people, but only to find everyone talking up their lives and businesses so much that it leaves you feeling even more depressed and cut off from the world?

I have.

And it sucks.


After reading a bunch of Brene Brown’s books I have decided to practice vulnerability myself. I love her point about being real, and that true connection comes from this place. Sure so does the hurt, but the connection is worth it.

So I’m going to be keeping it a little more real going forward, and you can either hang around or not. Either way is okay. If you don’t, I wish you the best. If you do, then let’s rock this life together. Let’s stand brave, share our up’s and down’s and live from a place of true feeling and authenticity. Not from one of hiding, shame or fear of not belonging.

So back to being alone. I’ve been working from home for over 10 years now, with starting toward the end of my insurance career. I think I’m one of those rare birds in that I’ve always been super focused and don’t allow myself to goof off. If anything, I could use a little more goofing around / water cooler time.

What I have come to realize with working from home though, is that it’s easy to get in your head. Easy to create a warped sense of perception as to what is really going on. You have no one to talk to and inevitably that little green monster in your head starts to creep in and has you second-guessing what you’re doing. From marketing decisions, to whether or to pick up the phone to reach out to people, to what type of social media posts to share.

The problem is that once the doubt starts to creep in, it’s a downward spiral from there. It’s HARD to pull yourself out. This then in-turn leads to the feelings of doubt and fear being amplified. Multiply that by 100 if you have bills to pay and things to get done. This is not good for operating your business from a place of love, connection and service by any means. The ego has fully taken over by this point.

And ladies, let’s be honest, this is even worse just before that time of the month. Men cover you eyes or share this with your spouse 🙂 You may be feeling super awesome one day, and then like an emotional mess the next day. The biggest tip I can recommend for this is to start tracking your time on a calendar. Then you will know in advance when to expect it and can also reference your calendar if you start to feel “off”. I love Eckhart Tolle’s opinion on this – that’s it’s an opportunity for a new consciousness to come in and should be embraced. I keep forgetting in the moment, but I love the concept nonetheless 🙂

Here are three things you can do to feel more connected while working from a home office.


1. Get out in nature. Being in nature will help you connect with source. You will have more clarity and confidence for moving forward. It’s also great for having a shit in perspective. Just ask and it will happen. This strategy – I hate to have to even call it that, it’s more of a way of life – is also great for moving yourself out of fear and doubt, and into faith and gratitude. Where the true magic of creation and manifesting occurs.


2. Reach out. I think too often as entrepreneurs we hesitate to reach out to other peers, or even friends outside of business. We are too busy acting like we’re perfect and have it all under control. This is what vulnerability is all about. Sharing and accepting help. It also shows others they’re not alone in their down moments and that its okay to reach out for support. The more you hang on to it, the more it festers. Choose someone who has earned your trust and respect, and reach out next time before you head down a downward spiral.


3. Think about how often you want to connect with others. Is it once or twice a week? Then create a way to make it happen. Whether it’s attending an event, meeting with client’s in-person or even doing some work from the local coffee shop. Sometimes it just helps to be around other people. There are also lots of great shared workspaces and even city clubs. They can also be great for creating new relationships.


* I’m adding in a bonus. Cut yourself a break. Know that sometimes you will just feel down and that’s okay. Spend some time journaling about it and looking at what might need to shift in your office environment. Your environment is crucial to your success, and if this is happening more often then not, then take a hard look at what needs to shift.