If you’ve been following me for awhile, you probably know that I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction after watching the movie The Secret, over 11 years ago 🙂



There are a few misconceptions – and probably why you aren’t able to use it to it’s fullest quite frankly. I hope this helps you along your manifesting journey!


Misconception #1:


The law implies that you sit around. Many people seem to think what people are saying with this law is that you are supposed to sit around and wait for things to happen. This is not true. A big part of the process is taking inspired action. What this means is that while it’s true that you need to ask the universe for what you want and “put it out there”, the way it always shows up is by way of an idea or an opportunity. Something will be presented to you either through your own divine guidance (an idea by way of a thought), or through another person or experience (opportunity). You must notice it though, and take action on it. It’s called “inspired action”, because even though it might feel a little scary, as most new things do, it will also be exciting and you will be inspired to do it! Notice what is showing-up and start taking action on it. It might be that you need to learn a lesson (opportunity to shift your perspective), so that you can then see the next step. It might be a new course, book or even an opportunity to speak! It will show-up in all different kinds of ways. The great part is you don’t have to figure it out! The universe has your back always.


Misconception #2:


That it’s coming to you…it’s already there! The “way” that is. The ideas and opportunities are really already there for you. You’re just not seeing them because of the energy you’re vibrating at. Like attracts like. It’s hard to see something positive on the horizon if you’re stuck in the muck. Ask for a shift in perspective, feel grateful for what you have already, and step into everything waiting for you.


Misconception #3:


That’s it’s easy to just shift your energy and wake-up happy! I struggled with this one for years – not the being happy part – but the piece about shifting limiting thought patterns. I understood the law of attraction intellectually, and was making some great things happen, but I wasn’t experiencing the results I wanted in my business. It wasn’t until I dug out what was holding me back on a deeper subconscious level. This was literally impacting all of my decisions. You must learn to reprogram the thinking holding you back and start controlling your emotions.



Most people don’t wake-up happy. They focus on everything going wrong and what isn’t going well. Start to catch yourself. Focus on the positive and what you’re excited for. Just by looking forward to something you w ill shift your energy. How you feel dictates how and what you will see in your external world.