I have been LOVING the hip hop dance class I’ve been going to! I’ve always loved dancing so there’s that perk, and that it’s a great workout, BUT I had no idea how much of a MENTAL workout it would be!! Sudoku and crosswords move over, we’ve got an new mental workout in town!



What I realized after class this week, is that there are just too many great tidbits that are applicable to life and business, for me to not share. Read below for these powerful lessons, and how you too can strengthen them!


Here are the lessons and take always I’m getting from my weekly hip hop class:


  1. Our minds want so badly to figure everything out. I realized as I was trying super hard to get the dance moves straight, that at a certain point you just have to let go and surrender. You have to trust that your body will know what to do, and just go with it. Similar to business, the more we analyze and try to figure everything out before it happens, the more we stay stuck. The fear can be crippling – some call it perfection paralysis 🙂 We have to trust whatever we are doing is going to be good enough, and put ourselves out there anyway.


  1. When you can let go of trying to get everything right, you don’t care about how you show-up. Our instructor divides us into two groups at the end of class, and we perform the routine for everyone that we just learned! The first time I did this it was terrifying! I got complete stage fright and forgot all of the moves. This coming from someone who has given talks in front of hundreds of people! I can assure you, dancing in front of people is in no way the same!!


What I realized is that the people who put themselves out there, and I mean who really let it all go with moving their bodies super fluently and sexyish, and whom could care less about missing steps, have way more FUN and look great doing it! No one even notices when they miss a beat.


So many of us hold back because we’re afraid of getting it “wrong”, but the reality is that we miss out on a ton of experiences when we’re so in our heads. Too much focus is on the external rather then just enjoying how we feel internally.


I used to get in my head a lot when I would speak – trying so hard to remember the talk instead of just being present. The more I let go of what others thought if I made a mistake, the more I could make mistakes and just roll with it! What ended up happening was that it created the space for being more real and down to earth, to fly of the cuff, have more fun, and take that nervous “perfectionist” energy out of the equation.


  1. The last lesson is how much it forces you to be present and in the moment. You cannot afford to drift off or you will be lost. How often to we allow ourselves to drift off in life? And in business? We get caught-up in the grind and the busy-ness of it all and miss just living in the moment. Something for us all to work on for sure xo


By being aware, we can start to strengthen – and in what better of a way then a fun dance class! Find what that is for you and practice letting go of what others think, and strengthen surrender, trust and being present instead. It will be a game change in life and business for sure! Think about where you are currently holding yourself back – and think about how that would change if you were to practice the above? A completely authentic you would arrive 🙂