Right now I am high in the sky on my way to Maui and I am just so excited!! My husband and I are here for a week and I am stoked to spend some time together just us (eek) in such a beautiful place!!


Earlier this week I had a couple of really spectacular things happen. The first was being interviewed on Baeth Davis’ podcast. Baeth is an amazing coach and business woman, with building a wildly successful business in hand analysis! I have been following her for years, and I actually met her when I first started my business 11 years ago. I am now happy to call her a friend, fellow soul sister, and it was an absolute pleasure being interviewed on her show 🙂 We chatted A LOT about coaches shaming other coaches in our industry – I’ll let you know when it’s live so you can check it out.



The second, was slightly mind-blowing and was a true dream come true! My personal development journey started by watching the Secret in Canada, and 11 years later I had a meeting with John Assaraf while living my dream in California!!! It was a surreal moment to say the least! John too started out in Canada and his dream was to live in San Diego! We now live a few streets apart and he lovingly joked that it only took me 3 years to get here and him 17! Ha! In this weeks’ article I share the top 3 highlights from our meeting and profound take always for you too as you are also applying the concepts from the Secret.


Much love and until next time, aloha!


Here are my top 3 highlights from my meeting with John 🙂


1.Your dreams take time. When he lovingly joked that it took him 17 years to get here, and only 3 for me, in was in the context of timing. Your dreams take time. He said that having patience is crucial. I remember thinking at the time when I was trying so hard to make my dream of moving happen, that something was off because it was taking so long. I later learned that there were quite a few things I needed to “let go” of first to even be okay with moving. Like the fear of disappointing others, not being loved (deep down), etc. Let’s also be honest, that me pushing so hard to try to make it happen was coming from a place of fear that it wouldn’t actually happen, thus actually pushing it away. The opportunity that ended up enabling us to move here literally presented itself a year earlier, to which we said no! It didn’t feel right aka we weren’t ready! Sometimes those “feelings” are fear in disguise. AND above all else, this stuff takes time!!!! So many things needed to come together in order for us to move logistically, and I can tell you that it worked out the VERY best way possible! From visas, to accommodations, to currency conversions. It was far better then we ever could have imagined for ourselves and the universe knew the very best way to make it happen. BUT here’s the thing. The next step was there every single step of the way, and that is what we had to keep saying yes to. It was a series of yes’ over those 3 years.


2. INSPIRED ACTION!!!!!!!!! John couldn’t stress enough how important this is and how much it was overlooked by people after watching the Secret. It does not land in your lap!!! You MUST take action. What I have come to learn is that the opportunity for you to create your dreams is already there for you. You will be shown the way, and every single step of the way – i.e.. who to call, what course to take, what book to read, which coach to work with, what training to take, which people to reach out to who you can help (clients). IT’S ALL THERE!!! YOU have to be willing to get our of your own way to actually take action on those opportunity (and ideas) being presented to you.


3. Commitment. John was asked an important question when he was in his teens. A man took interest in him and saw the potential in him when he couldn’t see it himself. The man asked him if he just wanted to change his life OR was he committed to changing it? A question that changed his life forever. I can attest 100% that this man is committed to neuroscience and how it relates to these universal truths. He is already wildly successful (to which he was extremely committed to creating) AND continues to run a huge company armed with the top scientists and psychologists in the world. Why? Because he’s committed to his business and what’s it’s doing for others.


* So ask yourself, are you truly committed to what you say your mission is? Are you ready to fully commit? Where are you falling short and what do you need to change? Then do it. Over and over and over again.