This picture was taken from a lovely bench I found during a walk with Roxy earlier this week. Getting out in nature will help you have the clarity and confidence to go in the direction of your dreams. It’s interesting how we’re taught to work more, when really it’s about the state we’re working from. I was just interviewed on this earlier this week. We all have the same amount of time, whether we’re successful or not. It’s how we use it that makes the difference between success and super success.



Read on to learn how to manage your time effectively so that you can achieve the level of success you are wanting.




First, know that something is always going on. You can have all of the systems and support in place, only to find a child becomes sick or there is a death in the family. I like to say it’s about not letting the pool go green. Meaning, don’t let any one area get too far off out of control. If you have to work extra time because of a project, realize that something else will have to go instead. Manage your expectations and stay flexible.


Know what your priorities and values are, and learn to say no to activities that aren’t in alignment.


Second, realize you have an entire belief system to contend with. Many business owners are on the verge of burn out with trying to manage a business and family at the same time. We were taught growing up that our value came from our accomplishments, and are therefore trying to do a gazillion things. There is a not a medal coming, I’m sorry. It’s okay to get the help you need in order to thrive. Taking care of yourself is a must. You will raise your vibration and therefore your bottom line 🙂


Third, have a killer schedule in place that allows you to have time to yourself, and to do all of the tasks you need to do. Making sales calls should be the number one business activity you make time for. Stick to the schedule. Your subconscious will try to throw you off. Stay with it, and make it a habit.


Fourth, hire a team! As stated above, you can’t do it all yourself. Hire help at home too. That is a simple place to start. Have someone clean for you. It really is a little slice of heaven and I am still so happy and thankful every time our housekeeper is here. Having someone do the laundry is a nice bonus too. In terms of your business, what are the top 5 tasks that if you had help with would make a big difference in your schedule and quality of life? Go for it!


Bonus Tip: The decision always comes first. You don’t need the way to fund it to show-up until you’ve made the decision. Think back to when you’ve really made something happen and you didn’t know how you were going to do it. Start living from this principle. It works – if you allow it.