I’ve been noticing how much the Ego is present in our every day lives for both my clients and myself. This effects our perception, thus affecting our relationships and businesses. When we choose to operate from this place, it jades our perception of truth, almost making it cloudy and hard to see. We are stuck in the muck. Our Ego has us thinking all kinds of things like; we’re not good enough, we’re not smart enough, money is bad, there aren’t enough clients, you have to charge low rates, etc. Anything rooted in lack or fear is the Ego. It will also cause a lot of confusion when you’re trying to create a new program or execute a new stagey. It will tell you all kinds of lies to keep you right where you are. All of that busy work you’re doing is designed to keep you right exactly where you are.


Instead of stepping over to the other side, the other way of thinking, which is operating from a place of love. Where you see yourself clearly – an extension of your Creator and that you have an amazing, powerful ability to create. Where abundance is your true essence. Where there is no worry or doubting your abilities or where your security comes from. Where you don’t worry about any of this because you are just love. You are BE-ing. Enjoying life and creating more life in everything you do.


You are one with Source. You are love and extend this to others.


Imagine creating from that place, and not the Ego – where everything is designed around “getting”?


So what stops us from operating from the latter? Well, several things. Our belief systems get in the way A LOT. We are brought-up with beliefs about everything from money, relationships, how to behave, going to school, etc. You name it there is a belief system around it. The first step is to gain awareness around these belief systems and to understand how they are limiting you. The next is to shift those beliefs, which can be tough. It can happen in an instant, but the problem is that you then go back to your regular environment where everything is set-up to support your old beliefs. You will get sucked back in and you will choose the Ego. It’s natural.


Having a daily practice of awakening, and remembering who you really are is important. Carve out some time this coming week to make a point to do this, and to also start analyzing your thoughts and beliefs. Stay curious and avoid judgment.


Remember your thoughts create feelings, those feelings have a frequency, and the frequency you emanate is in harmony with everything showing-up in your life externally. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you need to go back to your thoughts. Your beliefs dictate your thoughts.  Asking for little shift in perspective never hurts either 😉