This week I had the pleasure of speaking for the Nafe organization in Menifee, on how our mind and money story holds us back from having abundance. I forgot to have a photo taken or I would have included it here. Learn from my mistakes and make sure to always have a photo, or even better a video, captured of any talks you give. The photo’s are great for showcasing yourself as an expert through online marketing, your website and social media.

Speaking of speaking (sorry couldn’t resist on that one!), I am going to share with you today how to give a stellar (and profitable) talk!

I am sooo excited to share with you my new and completely improved website!!! I would love for you to check-it out at: ~ please note the new url and contact information too 🙂

10 Steps to Successful Speaking Engagements

Even though it’s important to be the real and authentic you while out speaking, there is a formula that can be used to help you stay focused and earn a profit.

Step One: Talk to the event host and find out what the challenges / struggles are of the group. You can then cater a talk to the people you will be speaking for. This will help them to be much more engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Step Two: Craft a talk where you include an intro., the body, and closing. Memorize only the intro. and closing. For the body choose three points to cover, and memorize those talking points only. This will enable you to come across as much more genuine and approachable, compared to someone who is trying to remember their talk word-for-word and not being present.

Step Three: Be sure the stories in your talk  include the following:

-your background – how you got to where you are and how it’s relevant to what you’re speaking about

-a testimonial – preferably one that showcases the results a client received as a result of working with you

-an emotional component – this will help your audience to engage and connect with you

-a lesson – something that you or one of your clients learned or overcame, that connects to what you are teaching

Step Four: The three points you share should provide the answers to what you promised – often found in the title of your talk.

Step Five: People take in information in different ways. Consider using multiple prop’s, i.e. PowerPoint (visual), speaking (audio), asking them questions here they raise their hands (kinesthetic and keeps them engaged), a flip chart (visual), etc. Most people are visual learns so having at least one visual aid in addition to talking is great.

Step Six: Offer a raffle for something relevant to your audience. It could be a session with you, one of your products or even a book (or other resource) you found to be relevant to the topic you’re speaking about.

Step Seven: Never opt people into your database without their permission. You can let them know that with the raffle, they will also receive a subscription to ______. If they do enter the raffle then they are agreeing to opt-in. However, if you don’t do this, you CANNOT opt them in. You can however send an email letting them know about this great resource you also have, and provide the link for them to click on. If they are interested then they will click and opt-in. Always check with the event host beforehand to make sure you have permission to do so.

Step Eight: Think about offering a product or service at a low price point (from $1 to $197 is a grate range). This is a great way for people to sample your products / services while getting to know you better. Again, always check with the event host beforehand to make sure you have permission to do so.

Step Nine: Have a good method for accepting payments. This week I opted out from having my assistant help me (big mistake), and printed my own authorization forms. It wasn’t the end of the world, but I did forget a few fields. Have your assistant help you if this isn’t your forte. Square works well too, which of course I forgot about 🙂

Step Ten: Be the expert you are. Dress for success, be confident and have fun! Remember you are your own worst critic. If you get nervous, focus on service! You are there to help and serve people. It’s to about you 🙂