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When we feel overwhelmed with our never ending to do list, it can be really hard to even think about taking on more, like growing a business. You will take an exploratory quiz in part 1 of our self-care masterclass, to help you find out exactly what is draining your energy both personally & professionally. This is where your freedom lies. Free yourself up to have the time and space to do more of what you really want to be doing.



What we put out comes back always. In part 2 of our self-care masterclass, you will learn the correlation between self-care, self-worth, and creating abundance! It’s time to give yourself permission and take a STAND for you and your dreams! You will give yourself permission to discover and implement a self-care routine that works for You!


Most people don’t realize their is a belief buried so deep in their subconscious mind, that is literally running the show! Meaning it’s dictating how you see the world, the decisions you’re making, and the action you’re taking (or not taking). In part 3 of our self-care masterclass, you will learn more about this hot topic and how to start shifting those deep seated beliefs so that you are wired for success!

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If you are 

→ So OVER making decisions from not enough...

→ Tired of allowing fear of what others will think to stop you from really taking action...

→ Ready to charge what you know you’re worth

Abundance Accelerator is for you!

we help coaches create abundanT LIVES WHILE HELPING OTHERS!

Went from being in a career she didn’t love, to finding her passion where she has become a six-figure plus coach, a best-selling author, and created a top podcast while being a Mom of three kids & 30 animals!

sabrina greer

clarity coach

Went from feeling “salesy” to holding her clients DREAMS in their highest regard. Her business increased 300% in one year, breaking 6-figures in record time, and this is WHILE practicing copious amount of self-care!

Natalie Scott

inspirational coach

Moved down to part-time at work, which enabled him to create more time to focus on his business. This led to creating multiple speaking engagements and signing a lucrative contract!

Zack Jourdon

executive coach

Landed a $32,000 contract just one week after working wiht us and has since been able to follow her dream of living in California! – Edith Samouliette, Executive Coach

Edith Samouliette

executive coach

Went from talking to the wrong prospective clients and taking the results personally, to breaking through a pattern of unworthiness AND as a result manifested his dream relationship and his business started flowing again with amazing clients!

Jack Austin

executive coach


state of the art coaching

Imagine truly being able to address your deepest blocks and fears! We often think we know what the issues are, but what lies beneath in the subconscious is often something we never could have imagined! What blocks us in business today, are beliefs that we formed when we were children. Our coaching programs address these fundamental beliefs, so that you can truly create the coaching business and life of your dreams. We combine this deeper belief work along with the strategies (in the right order) that will take you there!

Become the best version of yourself…



Imagine being able to help your clients get to their root issues! The beliefs keeping them stuck from truly moving forward and reaching their goals and dreams! Not only will you do this for yourself, but you will become a certified empowerment coach equipped with belief breakthrough methodologies that work, along with having a complete coaching system to use with your own clients. Think coaching biz in a box!

And help others do the same…

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