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You are probably feeling overwhelmed with your never ending to do list, and forget about taking on one more thing to try to grow your business. In our (free) Self-care Masterclass, you will free up your time and energy! Yep, it’s possible! You will discover why you make the decisions you do, and learn the direct correlation to self-care & manifesting results.



Learn three ways to grow your online coaching business this weekend…and psst…it’s not about offering a low priced offer! Discover what you can do NOW to immediately start increasing your revenue with higher end clients. Learn how to attract more clients and be more confident in asking for the sale, over a cup of tea and casual conversation with Chris.



You are sick and tired of being sick and tired. You’re over the stress of trying to grow a successful business with it not leading to the results you are dreaming of. We’ve got you! Checkout our line-up of certified coaches from all different industries, who have been successful in their own fields first. They can help you grow your revenue or get your mind + body ready for success.


Went from feeling “salesy” to holding her clients DREAMS in their highest regard. Her business increased 300% in one year, breaking 6-figures in record time, and this is WHILE practicing copious amount of self-care!

Natalie Scott

inspirational coach

Identified her core values and beliefs, as well as identifying any blind spots she had, and was able to launch a successful group program as a result!

Lorraine DiGiovanni

Intuitive Medium

Went from being in a career she didn’t love, to finding her passion where she has become a six-figure plus coach, a best-selling author, and created a top podcast while being a Mom of three kids & 30 animals!

Sabrina Greer

the book doula

Increased her book of business by 800% AND won the coveted 40-under-40 top realtors award!

Najla Wehbe Dipp


Learned the practice of love and gratitude on an entirely new level, resulting in exceeding her business goals with sponsoring over 15 new business partners and adding over 25 new clients!

Melanie Booth

National Vice President


state of the art coaching

Calling all female entrepreneurs! Imagine truly being able to address your deepest blocks and fears! We often think we know what the issues are, but what lies beneath in the subconscious is often something we never could have imagined! What blocks us in creating abundant businesses and lives today, are beliefs that we formed when we were children. Our courses and coaches will help you address these fundamental beliefs, so that you can truly create the business and life of your dreams. We combine this deeper belief work along with the strategies (in the right order) that will take you there!

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Grow your coaching business

Calling all female coaches! Imagine being able to address your deepest blocks, while learnign how to help others do the same. With Abundance Accelerator, you will learn how to create a 6-figure + coaching biz without a huge following or funnel! You will also receive an empowerment coaching certificate, where you will be equipped with belief breakthrough and self-care for success methodologies, along with a complete coaching system in a box! When you finish the course, you will also have the opportunity to be a featured coach for us! It’s a total win-win, give back system that I love and am excited to offer you!

And help others do the same…

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